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900-362 Monitor Panel

We offer a wide selection of door monitors hospital alarm systems equipped with remote arm/disarm capabilities. Here is a complete overview of our monitoring products:

900-362 (1)

The EEI model 900-362 Monitor Panel will monitor eight (8) closed circuit zones. Each zone has provisions for individual remote signal output during al00arm, and remote reset/disarm capabilities. An alarm silencing switch is provided which will silence the alarm tone, but the alarm indicating LED will remain on.

The tone will remain silenced for approximately 30 seconds, after which time the tone will resound unless the activated zone has been reset. A volume control button is located on the rear of the panel to adjust the tone level output. Also located on the rear of the panel is a jumper which may be used to select local and remote operation or remote only operation. In the local and remote position, the system may be reset or disarmed from the switches on the front of the panel or from remote switches mounted elsewhere. In the remote position, the panel switches are inactive, and the system may only be rest or disarmed from a remote location. Status conditions are indicated by L.E.D. indicators and audible tone. Power: Green LED-on. Zone disarmed: Amber and Red LED-off. Zone armed: Amber LED-on. Zone Alarm: Amber and Red LED-on and tone sounds.


  • 8 closed-loop alarm circuits
  • Tamper-proof tone volume control
  • Tone silence switch with automatic recall
  • Mounts to standard 5 gang box
  • Adjustable for either local or remote reset/disarm
  • Surface, flush, or desktop mounting